Mark Irving is a member of the Victorian Bar who has a strong background in employment law. Mark is a committee member of the Australian Institute of Employment Rights.

Phillip Bailey is a Consultant Lawyer to Dixon Advisory Law. Phillip was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court in 2001, and has specialised in estate planning and testamentary trusts since 2004.He has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice all from the Australian National University.

Charles Rowland has been involved in law reform in the area of succession law, and is the ACT representative on the Australian National Committee for Uniform Succession Laws. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws (cum laude), from the University of Natal and previously taught at the Australian National University specialising in the law of wills and executors. He also taught at James Cook University of North Queensland (adjunct Professor) and the University of South Africa. Charles is presently a consultant to Dixon Advisory Law.

Andreas Schloenhardt PhD (Adel) is Professor of Criminal Law and Director of International Relations at TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland. Andreas has published extensively in the fields of criminal law, organised crime, migrant smuggling, trafficking in persons, narcotrafficking, and immigration and refugee law.

Dr John Tarrant is a barrister-at-law in NSW and a professor of law at the University of Western Australia where he teaches Advanced Practice and Procedure. He has published extensively in many areas of the law including corporations law, property, trusts, and international humanitarian law. He has published two previous books, Amending Final Judgments and Orders (2010) and Disqualification for Bias (2012). John has a number of qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours, Master of Laws and a Doctor of Juridical Science.

Leif Gamertsfelder LLB (1st Class Hons), BA (GU), MInfoTech (UTS), MAppFin (KAPLAN) commenced his legal career with Deacons (now Norton Rose). Leif is currently an Executive LegalCounsel — Banking in the Commonwealth Bank Group. His previous legal writings have been cited with approval by the High Court of Australia and the Federal Court of Australia.

Dr Paul Kenny is an Associate Professor at Flinders University. His interests are in taxation policy, capital gains tax, wine taxation and small business taxation. Prior to joining Flinders University, Paul worked for the Australian Taxation Office as an Auditor, Appeals Officer and Advisings Officer. He has also worked in London for a global top 100 corporation and in Adelaide with tax consulting firms. Paul is a regular presenter at national and international tax conferences, and has published a number of papers on Australian and international taxation, including journals articles and conference and seminar publications.

Dr Paula Gerber has been a lawyer for over 25 years. She spent five years working as a solicitor in London, and five years as an attorney in Los Angeles before returning to Australia where she became a partner in a leading Melbourne law firm. Dr Gerber is currently an Associate Professor at the Monash University Law School and an internationally recognised expert in construction law, in particular in the areas of dispute avoidance processes (DAPs) and dispute resolution processes, particularly ADR.

Brennan J. Ong is a PhD candidate and Research Assistant at Monash University Law School. His thesis examines best practice in the avoidance and management of construction disputes. Brennan is also the Managing Editor of Construction Law International, a founding partner of DAPs Australia. Brennan has published extensively on the topic of dispute avoidance processes (DAPs), particularly in the form of dispute resolution boards (DRBs).
Authors: Charles Rowland & Phillip Bailey
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Area of Law: Building & Construction
Publication Date: September 2013
Jarrod M Jolly LLB BA (UQ) (LLM candidate, (Wash U) mentored the University of Queensland Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Working Groups between 2009–2012. Jarrod is the author of several articles and papers on topics relating to trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling.