LexisNexis® Practical Guidance is an online solution offering the practically-focused content that lawyers need to conduct a new matter. Guidance, practice tips, legislation, cases, checklists, tools, forms and precedents are all in one place and in the context of a lawyer’s workflow. Each module works alongside LexisNexis research solutions, providing an efficient gateway to deeper research.

See how Practical Guidance can change the way you work.
Start on point
Roadmap your matter with concise guidance notes to ensure you start (and stay) on the right track.
Choose from 24 Practice Areas
Offering 24 Practice Area modules, we have the most extensive practical law solution in Australia.
Stay informed
Get expert guidance, precedents, checklists, tools, commentary and primary law, all in one place.
Delve deeper
Direct links to LexisNexis commentary and primary law products.
Consult the experts
Leverage the collective experience of practising specialists and dedicated in-house curators who maintain currency.
Save time
Get straight to the answer with relevant information in one place.
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