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1st place: Absurdiness Brown



A factual situation that looks like it gives rise to an Estoppel, but doesn't actually do so. 

Being beaten in an interlocutory application due to the opponent turning up with a Silk.

The period of sitting around while waiting for a delayed party to a transaction to attend so that settlement may occur. 
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2nd place: Alison Jones
A haven. A sanctuary. A retreat from the masses. A Lawbry welcomes law students into the world of study and legal research with the added bonus of discussion areas and databases. From study to leisure, there is no better measure of a Law School’s capacity to provide students with a comfortable learning environment than through their Law Library. So, whether you seek a textbook on Torts or some Commonwealth Law Reports; a Lawbry will have it all.
3rd place: Vincent Wight
Continually adding legal motions to an action to flood the opponent with requirements to respond and limit their ability to proceed with the original claim or defence until their time runs out or they give up due to the sheer mass of the task.

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Quoted securities; Income from property; Reverse Morris Trust
Exclusion zone
Troll; Cyberbullying or Cyber bullying
Lawgic; Law Hack; Pop Law 
Eligible persons; Factors warranting
Hospital Pass Brief
Box of snakes
Triple cocktail

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