LexisNexis® returns in 2017 to focus on the driving force of the legal profession – people. Discover how people are faring in an industry that at times seems dominated by tech talk. Is a focus on futurism detracting from the realities of the job?

As technology continues to shake up traditional roles, disrupt business models and propagate the always-on mindset, uncertainty around the ‘people factor’ is at an all-time high. At the same time, technology is opening new opportunities for business growth and access to the legal system that did not exist before, making it a truly exciting time to be a legal professional. 

Some questions that will be discussed:

  • How can lawyers build their skills and adapt to evolving client demands, while still retaining the ‘personal touch?'
  • How are businesses changing their focus to ensure their ‘sense of purpose’ and community commitment is heard to retain and attract employees?
  • Glass half full – how the future is bright with improved opportunities for clients and access to justice due to a meshing of passionate people with technology.
  • Technology – Could it be the Herculean strength or Achilles heel of lawyers?

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