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Did you know that LexisNexis® can help you bridge the gap between incoming client requests and cost-effectively delivering great advice? 

LexisNexis is like having a team of Australian legal experts on-call, saving you time without compromising quality.

From the one platform you can access clear legal guidance, time-saving tools like checklists, forms, and precedents, and trusted legal research.

Our Practical Guidance solution offers 24 specialised modules such as Corporations, In-House Advisor, Governance, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Employment, Competition, Consumer, and Intellectual Property, so you can cover all your bases. 

Complete the form to request pricing and claim your 10% discount on a new LexisNexis subscription. A LexisNexis representative will contact you to help you design a suitable package.
*Key Terms and Conditions
*This offer is open to Eligible Members who are the original recipient of the email link to this page only. Eligible Members are corporate entities or natural persons employed by a corporate entity in a legal counsel role that (a) hold a valid membership with the Australian chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel (you may need to provide your member number when claiming a discount); and (b) are not an affiliate of the Association of Corporate Counsel. A corporate entity is a legal entity that is not (a) a government entity or department; (b) an academic institution; (c) a law firm; or (d) an entity providing professional services.

This subscription offer does not apply to Regulatory Compliance subscriptions and is only available to Eligible Members that do not have an active research services subscription and has not had such a subscription within the preceding 3 months. To receive the offered subscription discount, eligible individuals must enter a subscription agreement with LexisNexis on or before December 30, 2023. Access to the research services is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of LexisNexis.

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